The Iowa City Gazette reports a woman has been arrested for allegedly beating her child with a wooden slab from a bunk bed.

Iowa City Police say Pulley confessed to "whooping" the child multiple times. There's also an audio recording of her yelling at the child to stay still and threatening to break their hand.

Two other children were reportedly inside of the residence when the incident occurred. Criminal complaints describe the altercation as "disturbingly violent" and say that the other two children's mental and emotional health were put at risk.

Pulley has been arrested on charges of willful injury causing bodily injury, assault with a weapon, and two counts of child endangerment, which are all aggravated misdemeanors. She faces up to 11 years in prison.

Another news outlet is reporting the child is Pulley's 16-year-old daughter, but the Gazette did not confirm that detail.

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