As everyone knows by now, back in 2016 Colin Kaepernick started an uproar when he took a knee during the national anthem while he was playing for the San Francisco 49ers. He really hasn't seen the NFL playing field since. People argue he would have been benched anyway, but he can't find a team that will hire him since it happened. It was a protest against police brutality in America. He has since been hired by Nike as one of their main spokespeople. Which also caused a lot of back lash from Americans.

Colin was also a grown 20 something year old man when he did this protest. Many have followed his path since. Little did I know, not just professional and college athletes, but CHILDREN are also following his path.

A High School in Northern Iowa had many players kneel during the National Anthem this past Friday. We will not reveal the name of the High School out of protection for the kids, but their coach had this to say, "We believe in allowing our students and players to practice their free speech." He continued by saying, "They're protesting peacefully, and many of their families have been effected by police brutality and injustices." He finished by saying, "These are good kids. They are off the streets and doing things with their lives. I am proud of my players".

What are YOUR thoughts on High School players taking a knee?

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