A lot of things can go bump in the night but there's a tell-tale sign you'll need to call a professional if you hear this certain sound.

This is the time of year when critters want to come inside from the cold. We've told you about warning signs of snakes in your garage or home but a less dangerous pest (and actually quite possibly currently invading my own office) are house mice.

Temps are dropping outside and these little nuggets want to stay somewhere warm and that has food and what better place is there for that than your house? Yes they can make you stand on a chair or table and shriek like you're in a horror movie but there are certain signs you need to watch out for this time of year to see if your home/apartment/ground-level office is being taken over by the little rodents.


Signs You Have A Mouse In Your House

That's not a Dr. Seuss book. Here are a few signs you might want to call a pest exterminator, according to Superproof Rodent Control and Orkin, besides the obvious one of seeing a mouse hanging around.

1. You hear a scratching sound. Mice set up camp in small spaces and come out at night looking for food. If you hear a scratching sound, however light, it could be mice gnawing or burrowing into material, like wood or even worse wiring in your home. You might hear a mouse before you see one. 

2. There are droppings or urine stains. Mouse droppings are really small and their urine can build up in the cracks in your home to create "urine pillars". If you see any of these things, it could be time to call a specialist.

3. You smell ammonia. If you have a cat, you probably know the smell of ammonia really well. It's terribly stinky. Mouse urine smells like ammonia too. The stronger the smell is, the worst of an infestation it could be.

4. Damage to food and furniture. This is why I threw out any snacks I have in my office. If you notice little nibbles on the side of your couch or in your potato chip bag, it could quite likely be a mouse.

5. Your pet is really curious about a certain spot. If your cat or dog suddenly becomes enamored with that gap by the pantry, don't ignore it. It could be a sign of a mouse nest back there.

6. Check shoeboxes and crates. Before you throw boxes away, take a look inside them first. Mice like to set up shop in them.

7. It smells musky. According to Orkin, house mice emit a musky smell. Which is how my office smelled when I came in this morning. Ew.

If any of this resonates with your current situation, call a pest specialist to have the mice removed. 

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