It all started with a Facebook post from Rob Merritt saying "Once again, made a video for the Iowa Film Quarantine weekly cell-phone challenge (has to be shot entirely on a phone, and can only use cast who live at home with you). So of course, I went the 80s parody route. I hope Billy Joel won't be too mad at me for this. (Note: The original "We Didn't Start The Fire" is obviously the copyright of Billy Joel.)"

The lyrics are amazing and truly state what we are all thinking. From comments about our current situation, to asking why Mr. Peanut had to die. All great questions. The video has thousands of views on Facebook and can also be viewed on YouTube.

Merritt also went viral in 2019 for his review of the 2019 box office flop "Cats." He again did a great job of saying what we were all thinking. He truly loves what he's doing.

When asked how long it took Merritt stated "It took about two days to shoot and edit. Plus another day to write the lyrics and record them."

If you think this year is a dumpster fire than this is the music video for you. I've already watched it at least 10 times.

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