Stories like this remind you that there are still good people in this world, even in the face of tragedy. Michele Fiester made this post on Ellen DeGeneres' public Facebook page to help recognize two amazing people who brought her to safety after the shooting at Route 91 Harvest festival:

Although she did not name the couple that helped rescue her in the post, comments named them as Blaine and Ronit Schwartz. Michele says that the couple helped her after she was separated from her friends when gunfire broke out at the music festival. She ran from the scene with them and they comforted her in the aftermath. Blaine and Ronit even gave her a place to stay at their home when she was unable to get back to her hotel room.The couple also made sure Michele got back to her hotel safely yesterday, and according to additional comments, have checked in on her since.

These sentences stood out to me the most from Michele's post:

Wow. So powerful. Blaine and Michele went above and beyond to make sure Michele stayed safe when they could have left her behind.

Vinton Today said that the couple is originally from Vinton, Iowa, and it's clear from what Blaine is wearing that they are also big Hawkeye fans. The couple now lives in the Vegas area, but seem to remember their roots. Many on the Facebook thread heralded Blaine and Ronit as being true Iowans- good people to their core and always willing to help someone in need.

NOTE: It appears that Michele's Facebook post has been removed, but you can read more about the story at Vinton Today.

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