KWWL in Dubuque reports that Iowa officials are warning residents the state will be a hotbed for human trafficking this summer.

Kevin Killpack, Sargent for the Iowa Motor Vehicle Enforcement says Iowa truck stops and gas stations are a huge target for this activity.

Dubuque County Sheriff Joe Kennedy also warns residents to be on alert for suspicious activity this summer, but doesn't want to promote fearmongering.

“I think that if people keep their wits about them, just like they would anywhere else, I think they should be fine,” said Kennedy.


"Killpack and Truckers Against Driving highlighted some key signs to look out for if you suspect someone is a victim of human trafficking. They include someone being completely unaware of their surroundings and being too afraid to make contact with another person."

“You may hear some CV chatter about a commercial company in the area. Commercial company is basically code word for human trafficking.”