Ceder Rapids native Adam Foarde is a local photographer who has had some big breaks over the last two years. Foarde had the opportunity to shoot and tour with a few artists that we play right here on B100.

Before the virus and multiple concert cancellations Foarde had a lot more jobs lined up, but now that things have slowed down for him I've had the chance to see what this experience has offered him.


What got you into photography?

"When I was a little kid I used to make skate videos and record myself all the time. Then when I got to college I was like why not take a photography class and the rest was history."

It's awesome to see something start off as a passion project and then turn into this. Who are some of the people you have shot for?

"Jack Harlow, Lil Xan, Mod Sun, Yung Gravy, Roy Purdy, Bbno$, Yung Pinch, JohnnyOz, Comethazine, Lil Grar, Lauren Sanderson, Skizzy Rocket, Billie Eilish and Denzel Curry"

You were scheduled to shot for Eilish before she had to cancel her tour. What's the next goal?

"I want to turn this videography/photography passion into a management role and learn the business side of the music industry more since I graduated from college with a Business Management degree"


It's always great to see local talent make a name for themselves, and get a chance to show that skill.


Foarde has a lot of big plans coming up once concerts kick off again. For now he is getting solo shots for local artists and other talent. You can check out his Instagram for more photos here. 

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