Remember when you would get a stomach ache at school, head down to the nurse's office, maybe lay for a bit and head back to class? Well, that's how it went for me at least. Unless I was literally getting sick, I wasn't heading home early.

Either way, that may be a thing of the past pretty soon. Iowa lawmakers have proposed a bill that would no longer make it a requirement for schools to hire a nurse, or a librarian. Right now, both positions are mandatory. According to KWQC, the official rule is that there be one nurse for every 750 students.

It's possible that, should this law advance even further, schools will cut the positions if and when budgetary cuts hit. According to KWQC's report, a number of private schools already operate without a nurse or librarian, because they aren't required positions.

Of course, even if this law passes, schools will still have the option to have the employees and many may choose to. What do you think? Are nurses and librarians essential personnel?

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