While all of the essential workers are keeping us safe and fed, lets all raise a glass and give them a big cheers! Don't lie, you're working right now with a drink sitting right next to you.

With millions of Americans working at home because of the coronavirus, it's hard not to think that a few of us may be having some drinks while we work. A study from Alcohol.org shows just how many people in each state are drinking while on the job... at home though.

According to the study by Alcohol.org, 47% of Iowans are drinking at home during normal work hours. 23% of Illinoisans are drinking while on the job at home.

The study also found a few other fun facts about us drinking at home while working.

  • Beer is the drink of choice for workers who drink during work hours.
  • Over 1 in 3 say they are likely to drink more alcohol in isolation.
  • One fifth of respondents stockpiled alcohol for self-isolation. (guilty)

Are you drinking while working from home? If you are, what is your drink of choice? Any fun new drink you found while working from home?

Check out below how many people in each state drink alcohol while working from home.

Source: Alcohol.org

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