Winter may not be the season when you're craving ice cream the most, but is there ever really a bad time for a sweet treat?

Lagomarcino's certainly doesn't think so, since they serve up tasty candy and ice cream concoctions year round. Lago's recently got some big-time press when Cosmopolitan named the confectionery as having the best ice cream sundae in the state of Iowa. The magazine specifically said the Quad Cities Special stands out from the rest of the pack.

Lago's fans know that the QC Special features a split banana with vanilla and strawberry ice cream, strawberry and chocolate sauce, whipped cream, crushed nuts, and cookies that are meant to resemble a paddle wheel, giving the sundae the appearance of a riverboat.

I've never had a QC Special and I'm not the biggest fan of banana splits, but I think I need to try one ASAP. I mean, Cosmo can't be wrong, right? Besides, if I don't like the sundae, there's always a ton of other treats to choose from.

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