I was laying in bed last night when all of a sudden I started hearing shots.Yes, I was one of those Quad Citians who thought the fireworks for the Cubs winning the World Series, were actually gunshots.

I was totally startled and taken off guard. Bang. Bang, bang. bang.

I sat straight up in bed and listened carefully. I even started counting how many I heard until I realized there were too many to realistically be gunfire. Then it hit me.


I immediate went on Facebook to confirm and saw all of my friends posting and crying. I ran outside to see the fireworks, looking like James Stewart in 'It's a Wonderful Life.'


Too excited to go back to bed, I stayed on Facebook, made a meme and really took in the fact that I didn't watch one, single Cubs baseball game this season. (I know, I know.) I rarely have the downtime and don't claim to be a lifelong fan or anything. But, I will say, I love the nostalgia of baseball and the expressions on people's faces.

Watching the Cubs win through my friends' eyes was a priceless experience. I wouldn't change a thing.