When you see a cop coming up behind you, with or without sirens going, odds are you feel one of two things: fear or annoyance. It could be a little of both. Of course, you can't really act on either, but you especially can't let your irritation take over too much.

But apparently, flipping off a cop out of frustration is well within your constitutional rights. We know this now thanks to a woman from Michigan. When she got pulled over for speeding in 2017, the cop decided to let her off with a warning. But, as she pulled away, she flipped him the bird.

He pulled her over again, this time citing her for the speeding. But, as it turns out, he was in the wrong. It's been two years since it happened, but according to ABC7 in Chicago, a federal appeals court ruled that her actions were protected by the first amendment.

We're not recommending you do it, but if your instincts get the better of you, now you know!

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