Once again, we've arrived at an odd made-up holiday that, for some reason, is still awesome to celebrate. Happy International Ninja Day! Does Hallmark make cards for that...?

As fake holidays go, this one is pretty specific. You don't have to feel left out on this though; there's a gym not far from the Quad Cities that will train you to become a ninja! Well, an American Ninja warrior.

Becoming an American NInja Warrior has become a popular of staying in shape. Remember that time Marshmello did it? Let's pause and relive that awesomeness real quick.


TGR Fitness in Des Moines offers training programs to help people get ready for the obstacle course. According to their website, they have a 14 ft. warped wall, an unstable bridge, a salmon ladder and 24 ft. of monkey bars.

It's the only gym in Iowa that trains members for the task. There are a few in Illinois, though they're primarily in Chicago.

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