Today is National no pants day... Weird holiday I know. Many people probably had an easier time celebrating this holiday in 2020 seeing as though a large number of people were working from home at the time.

2021 is a different story however seeing as though many of us are back in our buildings. If you're still working from home, I'm sure you celebrate this holiday more than just once a year.

Sources say that the first instance of National No Pants Day is said to have started in Austin, Texas, during the 1980s.

A club at the University of Texas named the Knighthood of Buh wanted to celebrate freedom from conforming to society and the end of the semester. After finishing their finals, they pulled their pants down and walked around in their undergarments.

Even though this all started as a college prank, the tradition held true, and continued on. Then in 2000 more states throughout the United States and in other countries started doing this as well, and turned it into a whole day to participate in.

I decided to see if any of my colleagues would want to join me.

@b100qcI am now easily the most awkward person in the office 😂 #fyp #radio #foryou #prank #joke

♬ Blue Blood - Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

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Sadly it seemed as though none of my bosses wanted to partake in no pants day, but thankfully I had an excuse to wear shorts today. Hopefully you have a chance to enjoy no pants day in a safe environment this year!

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