Ketchup has been around since the 1800s, and millions of Americans have it in their home today. It is an iconic condiment that we all love.

According to Taste Of Home The average American eats up to 71 pounds of ketchup each year!

While putting ketchup on food is a very common thing some people take it a bit to far. Sometimes it seems like there is more ketchup than food. That's why we want to know where you draw your line.

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I got this question after Connor had the idea to "prank me" in my defense he made it seem like it was a trend we had to do. nonetheless I ate a lot of ketchup for a video.

@b100qcThis what happens when I trust Conner. I hate it hear. -JT #ketchup #foryou #radio #Davenport #Quadcities

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While I am a big fan of ketchup, I will never be THAT big of a fan. I don't have any plans of just eating the stuff ever again. There is such thing as "to much of a good thing."

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