You know it's hot outside when animals start behaving weirdly.

According to KWQC, squirrels in the Quad Cities area have started "planking" or "heat dumping" on sidewalks as a means to cool themselves down.

Basically, the animals spread out and lay flat in order to cool off. You may think at first that the squirrel is injured or possibly even deceased, but chances are, they're just overheated.

The Toronto Sun says, believe it or not, squirrels can suffer from heatstroke. Most squirrels hunt for food in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the hottest parts of the day, so you typically don't see them running around in the midday sun.

That being said, don't be alarmed if you spot a planking squirrel in your yard over the next few days. With temperatures in the Quad Cities not cooling off until next week, both humans and animals are going to be exhausted by the heat.

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