O...M...G! Have you had these new chips yet? They take your love of hip-hop music and snack foods and combine them to make on incredible tasty treat.

I get a lot of things given to me to try. Yesterday, my crack-pot sales rep and partner in crime Monica came in and told me I had to try these new Rap-Snacks. Now, I'm not one to turn my cheek to a snack food, especially potato chips. I'll admit, I was a little skeptical at first and thought they were just another gimmick. Then I tried one. BAM! I was on a one way trip to flavor town.

Monica got them at Muscatine Super-Saver. They came in exciting flavors like Honey Jalapeno, Bar-B-Quin with my Honey, New York Deli Cheddar (pry my favorite), Louisiana Heat, and Sour Cream with a DAB of Ranch. Get more at the Rap-Snacks website, and pick yours up at the Muscatine Super-Saver on Isett. They will make you say OOWHEEE!

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