Plan on taking a road trip this week for Turkey Day? Be careful.

WQAD reports that two snow systems could interrupt holiday weekend travel.

If you're heading out of town at the beginning of the week, watch out for wet weather that's heading northwest through the plains. The first system will begin on Monday, heading into Tuesday. Rain and snow are expected in western Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Those states could get 3-6 inches of snow. Wind will be a major factor on those days as well.

The second system will likely have a bigger impact on travel. Friday and Saturday could get interesting, with an active pattern making its way across the upper midwest. The QC will probably only receive rain from that system, but again, if you're traveling to or from our area, travel could get very tricky.

Heavy snow in the Dakotas could cause major travel impacts at Denver, Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis airports as well.

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