There's only so much Iowa citizens will take.

There is no other topic in Iowa I can think of that creates the buzz, stir, and the sizzle, like traffic cameras. The majority of people I have spoken to about this hate them. Yours truly included.

It's not because we don't want safer roads or idiot drivers to be caught. For me, and many others, it's because it's unconstitutional, monopolized and big-brother-ish. Back in 2008, the Iowa Supreme Courts made a ruling based on the loop-hole, that traffic cameras in Davenport, IA. weren't in violation of state law because there really isn't any legislation that specifically allows of disallows the use of these cameras.

A Cedar Rapids woman's case, already having gone through the appeals process, is now coming to the attention of the Iowa Supreme Court. This very well could set a new precedent in the State of Iowa as to how 'legal' these camera really are. The traffic cam situation has been heard and challenged many times before, especially in the Quad Cities.

Cedar Rapids, for example, leads the state with 90,000 tickets issued per year. The city splits the money made between themselves and the camera company.

It seems to be all about the money.

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