I've had good coffee in my life, I've had bad coffee in my life, but I can't say I've ever had zombie coffee in my life. Well, that might all change soon.

The Coffee Revolution in Davenport is known for some pretty elaborate concoctions, but this one might take the cake. Their Zombie Frappe seems gross on another level but also looks...Strangely delicious?

According to their Facebook page, the Zombie is comprised of vanilla bean and coffee, then topped with crushed strawberries to give it that creepy, blood splattered look. Then comes the best part- strawberry gummy candies in the shape of eyeballs floating ominously on top. The drink is just macabre enough to get you in the full-blown Halloween spirit. May I suggest drinking it while viewing Night of the Living Dead?

The Coffee Revolution did mention that they run out of eyeballs pretty frequently, so don't be disappointed if you are unable to get your drink topped with them. The Zombie is available in 12, 16, and 24 oz sizes.

If they do happen to be out of the eyeball candies and you want to order something else (or if you happen to have a weaker stomach, like me), the shop is also dropping a Peanut Butter Panic Frappe just in time for Friday, the 13th. The drink features Reese's peanut butter cups blended with coffee, which I can 100 percent get behind. Happy sipping!


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