Breakfast cereals are not about health. They probably should be, but they're not. And we accept it! Why? Because the sugary goodness is just too good. Lucky Charms is a fan-favorite and it makes sense; it's cereal plus literal marshmallows.

For years now, fans of the cereal have said that it'd be better if it only contained marshmallows. And now, they're getting their wish. Actually, they're getting even more than their wish.

According to KWQC, Lucky Charms has teamed up with Jet-Puffed marshmallows to release bags of FULL. SIZE. Charmsmallows.(Charmsmallows is not the official term, I just made it up. But it sounds fun, right?)

The best part is, they aren't going to be crazy expensive. When the bags go on sale in September, they'll be just $1.50 per bag. It'll have all the shapes you know and love...minus one.

Yes, there will be hearts, stars, clovers and blue moons, but you won't see any horseshoes!

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