Scout, the unofficial mascot for WeatherTech, the car accessory company, was diagnosed with cancer of his blood vessel walls. The disease caused a tumor to form on his heart, and given a month to live, if that. After receiving treatment from the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine, his owner is looking to recognize the work of those who saved his dog's life.

WeatherTech Founder and CEO David MacNeil decided that rather than feature Scout in a WeatherTech commercial like last year's Super Bowl, he wanted to do something more impactful.

The work that UW has done has shrunk Scout's tumor by over 95%, saving his life. MacNeil describes being in the room when they found out about the cancer, saying "There he was in this little room, standing in the corner... and he's wagging his tail at me. I'm like 'I'm not putting that dog down. There's just absolutely no way.'"

MacNeil said he's paid $6 million for the 30 second commercial, but rather than give the money to the school, he wants to raise awareness for the awesome work they are doing, and encourage the country to donate.

You can make a donation to the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine to further the research they are doing, and help save more dog's lives. Head to their website to help out. 

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