Police in Davenport hit the pot with this bust, jackpot that is.

Davenport detectives and task forces arrested 3 people who are charged with possession, intent to distribute marijuana and conspiracy, tax stamp violations and one was charged with firearm possession.

All three people worked at QC Honey Do, a Quad Cities business that did windows, sidings and all the projects you might find on a 'honey do' list.

According to,

"The search was done by members of the Davenport Police Department’s Tactical Operations Bureau (TOB) on Thursday, December 29, 2016.  Police said three people were arrested in connection: 43-year-old Shawn Manning, 31-year-old Lester Monkus, and 32-year-old Jessica Dorsey."

Several million dollars worth of marijuana plants were found growing (and drying) at a storage facility in west Davenport. Supplies like packaging material and scales were also found inside the storage facility.