Not one shopper in all of Iowa saw this coming. One of my all time favorite crushes is Mark Wahlberg. Ever since his Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch days (or should it be 'daze?') and Calvin Klein underwear modeling career, how on earth can I not be a fan?

Mark Wahlberg has done so much more since those 90s days. On top of becoming a notable A-lister, he's maintained his love for fitness and working out to keep his body in top shape condition for the various roles on the big screen.

It's no secret I am a primary Hy-Vee Health Market shopper. I recently noticed the addition of a whey protein powder display with an ongoing infomercial playing, starring Mark Wahlberg. Of course, I stopped and stared at the workout scene, marveling at his ab muscles once again, as I did before as a young teen. I'd like to have been a helpful smile in his aisle yesterday.

Mark Wahlberg even posted about it on Twitter today, as he posed with Des Moines Police Officers.

Donnie announces Denise's pregnancy. Photo credit: Denise Hyntka
Donnie announces Denise's pregnancy. Photo credit: Denise Hyntka

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