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Tye Carnelli

Last year, the unthinkable happened to this Quad City family. This year, they are riding to help you Learn the Risk.

Christopher Bunch was a very average teenager in many ways and in others, he was absolutely extraordinary. He began a YouTube channel and wanted to become famous. He was adored by his family and siblings and leaves behind so many who love him and so many who only know him through the posts his parents share and the impacting story of his departure.

I would be doing a disservice to myself and this family if I wrote this blog as I do most others. In the most honest and open way I can share with you, my life has been deeply touched and changed by Christopher Bunch. I’ve  met his sweet family, I have watched them tirelessly advocate this past year so more awareness can be raised about his death, in hopes other parents and children won’t have to suffer the way they, and Christopher, have suffered.

There’s another side to the story of Christopher’s death that has been revealed this past year. The HPV vaccination had a key role to play in the severe brain-swelling (ADEM) he got after the shot, which led to his untimely death.

In this video, his mother, Destiny Maynard and father, Elijah Bunch testify before the CDC’s (Center for  Disease Control) ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) hearing October 2018.

Today, a memorial bike ride will be held in Christopher's honor from 5-7pm at Swanson Flooring 3828 27th St. in Moline. Speakers from the Quad Citiesand all over the region and country will be there in his memory.

Here is the event on Facebook for more information:

Please attend, even if you don't have a bike. It will mean so much to this family, so much for our community and what you learn today, could help you save a life.

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