With the spookiest holiday of the year quickly approaching, pranks tend to be at an all time high. But an act of vandalism over at the Mercer County Fairgrounds has some people seriously concerned.

According to the Mercer County Crime Stoppers:

On 10-19-18 it was discovered that someone had spray painted on one of the buildings at the fair grounds.
If you know the suspect or suspects responsible for this act. Please contact the Mercer County Crime Stoppers at 309-582-3500 or submit a tip from our webpage.
If your information leads to an arrest in this case, a reward of UP TO $1000 will be paid to you in a confidential manner.
A building on the premises was spray painted with satanic references, including "666," an upside down cross and the word "Satin." Presumably, the culprits were going for the word "Satan" (unless they're really out for fabric justice).
Here's the image from the Crimestoppers site:
Hopefully the people responsible are caught soon!

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