You may want to think twice about 'running in' anywhere and leaving the keys in the ignition.There are a lot of things about winter that are undesirable. Waking up to your furnace not working is one of them. That happened to me a few years ago when the weather was just as arctic as it is now. Getting into a cold car and waiting for it to warm up is another. Once it's toasty in the car, who wants to risk letting that warmth go, even for a second while running into pay for gas or to grab that cup of coffee?

Well, according to Davenport Police, you may want to heed their advice about leaving your car run.

"It's almost like setting a $20 bill on the table and walking away, and you expect to come back thinking it's still going to be sitting there, same mentality," says Sergeant Mark Berger of the Davenport Police Department, at

Over the past year, 382 cars have been reported stolen in Davenport alone. That's more cars than there are days in a year and you don't want yours to be next.

A little effort in this case, will go a long way.