Speeding is a problem in many states. It's so common that memes are made about it. My favorite is the one about how even when you're going 10 miles over the speed limit someone will still be tailing you.

It looks like Georgia is also seeing some high speeds. Authorities in Georgia are urging motorists to slow down after a motorcyclist was clocked going 178 mph on Sunday.

According to Fox The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety said an officer didn't even attempt to stop the offender on State Route 400. The motorcycle was going so fast the officer opted to pass along a "brief" description to law enforcement agencies in Alpharetta,which was 26 miles north of Atlanta.

The department went on to say,

"Hopefully, the driver of the sport bike matures a little before a tragedy happens."

In a report Fox went on to point out that In a two-week period, troopers wrote 140 citations, which didn't include those handed out by local police. That's a lot of speeding.

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