As a kid growing up in the rural parts of Iowa I saw my fair share of bugs, and my favorite bug was always the praying mantis. They looked so peaceful, and yet so deadly at the same time. Today we will see their deadly side.

Murder hornets are causing a large panic for many Americans. That goes double for people who have bees. It is a fear reaching Iowa, and many other states. These murder hornets target bees, and other insects causing a lot of damage.

People have come to hate these hornets, and for good reason. Now we have a video showing there are insects that can beat the Murder hornets. Those insects are praying mantis.

A quick warning it is surprisingly graphic. You can watch it here.

A lot of people loved this video. Resulting in a ton of funny comments. My favorite being,

"Man Bees need to hire these guys as security."


As someone who loves the praying mantis, and hates these murder hornets this was awesome to see. lets hope that the mantis of Iowa keep an eye out for these murder hornets, and show them who's boss.

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