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Whether you are a fan of a mask mandate or not, the current mask mandate for the city of Muscatine could go away very soon.

On Sunday, Muscatine's Mayor Diana Broderson announced that should was signing a proclamantion that would require the residents of Muscatine and people in Muscatine to wear a mask whenever they are in public and a 6 foot social distance couldn't be maintained. According to our news partner, Local 4 News, the Iowa attorney general’s office said that Mayor Broderson can not mandate mask wearing in the city.

Even though this mask mandate in Muscatine is against the law, Mayor Broderson said that her proclamation will continue to remain in place.

“We know that from our health care experts, all the way down the chain, they’re all saying, wear a mask, social distance if you can. We know that is the one proven way that works, so let’s do it. Let’s make it more than a recommendation, let’s make it a mandate, because unfortunately, everybody doesn’t follow recommendations.”

According to KCRG, Governor Kim Reynolds said that city and county officials in Iowa do not have the authority to implement a mask mandate. This is because the Governor already has an emergency disaster proclamation in place. A mandatory mask policy put in place by local or county officials would be going against her proclamation which is against the law.

Muscatine's mask mandate when into effect on Monday.

Local 4 News said that Muscatine’s county attorney, Jim Barry, said that he will not be enforcing the Mayor's mask mandate proclamation.

Local 4 News is also reporting that Scott County supervisor Ken Croken says he wants to require people to wear mask throughout the entire county. The Scott County board of supervisors will vote on that mask mandate tomorrow, July 8th.

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