Starting on April 1, you'll be able to get your hands on a Mississippi Valley Fair Fun Card whenever you go by a Quad City Kwik Star.

Fun Cards for the MVF get you into the fair every day and you have to have a Fun Card to get into the grandstand to watch this year's awesome lineup. Fun Cards are $80 until June 15th. After that date, the price will go up to $100.

The MVF kicks off on August 2nd. Scroll down to see the lineup!

This year's grandstand lineup runs the gamut of genres. It features:

  • Kid Rock
  • Jimmie Allen
  • Carly Pearce
  • Brantley Gilbert
  • Toby Keith
  • Nelly & Flo Rida

Nelly & Flo Rida will take the grandstand on  August 3rd

(I absolutely cannot wait for that.)

Kid Rock will kick off the fair on  August 2nd

Jimmie Allen will play on  August 4th

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Carly Pearce will take the grandstand stage on  August 5th

Brantley Gilbert will bring his country sound to the fair on  August 6th

Toby Keith will be the fair's grand finale on  August 7th

If you'd rather get Fun Cards online, you can. Here's the link. Remember, you can only get into the grandstand if you have a Fun Card.

2022 Fun Card Info

  • $80.00, until June 15th then $100.00 there after. 
  • No individual tickets will be sold for the Grandstand Events
  • Good for one entrance per day to the fairgrounds
  • Good for one entrance per day to all  Grandstand Acts
  • Ticket is punched when you enter the fairgrounds and when you enter the Grandstand
  • A Fun Card is required to enter the Grandstand
  • All seats are general admission – first come / first serve
  • IITI will give away one chance to win $500.00

You'll only find Fun Cards at Quad Cities Kwik Stars through June 15th. Really, $80 for all of these great shows is actually a steal.

You can also get them in person at the MVF office.

We'll see you at YOUR 2022 Mississippi Valley Fair!

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