Closure in break-ups is important. This definitely can be one unique way to get it.

I have to admit it (and kinda hate that I am), but this made me laugh. Not like water-down-my-eyes, mouth open, can't breathe, laugh. Just a chuckle, because the fact this actually happens and people go from 'just a chuckle,' to messaging the name of their ex to the zoo so the cockroach gets named, is simulataneously fascinating and the most immature thing I've read this week.  (Which is probably why it made me laugh.)

Tune-in to the memories of the worst break-up, the maddest and most hurt you've been, and you too, will cross that line from 'chuckle' to taking full-on action. Next thing you know, you'll be watching the cockroach being eaten by a meekrat on Valentine's Day, just like everyone else. And you have a zoo in El Paso to thank.

According to Las Vegas Review Journal, this zoo in El Paso will not only tape the name of your ex to a cockroach, they will live-stream it being fed to meedrats on Valentine's Day.

The names will start being placed on the cockroaches Feb 11th.


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