We all know someone that could do this job.

Do you ever see those job postings and think to yourself, 'wow I know the perfect person for that' or even 'that job was made for me'? A new one posted just days ago by NASA is looking for Martians.

Yep, that's right. Martians.


NASA's post about the project and applying for it says that they need help with a one-year simulated Mars surface mission to help "inform the agency’s plans for human exploration of the Red Planet".

So basically, for a year, you would be living in a 1,700-square foot 3D printed "Mars" habitat in Houston that's designed to simulate the challenges of living on Mars. There will be "simulated spacewalks, robotic operations, habitat maintenance, exercise, and crop growth".

It's also going to stress you out by presenting problems that include:

  • resource limitations
  • equipment failures
  • communication delays
  • environmental stressors

What You Have To Be To Do This

They actually do want smart people here. And fit, particularly healthy people between 30-55 who do not smoke. It helps your case if you really want to help NASA further their work towards Mars and space travel. You need to be sharp too, their crew selection process is a standard astronaut candidate checklist. But they really want to see how humans would fare on Mars since we haven't been there yet.

The mission is expected to begin in Spring 2025 and the deadline to apply is April 2nd. You can get more details about it on NASA's website.

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