To say I had a great weekend, great interview and great time with Michael Ray this past weekend, would be an understatement.

When Michael Ray promised me a follow-up interview on Facebook Live from the red carpet in Las Vegas, April 2nd during the ACMs weekend, I wasn't 100% convinced he'd do it.

Let's face it, celebrities are busy people and mean well, but I have been told I'd have follow up dinners, calls and interviews before, and for whatever reason, it didn't happen. So, this time, I was cautiously optimistic, but didn't totally hang my hat on it.

Michael Ray had an awesome show of character and did what he said he would do.That means a lot in my book. People are what they do and actions always speak louder than words. Those are some of my personal mottos.

In fact, Michael Ray (and team) went one step further and exceeded my expectations. He showed up to the studio and what we did from there, was unforgettable.

From Michael Ray being my barber-for-a-day and whipping up my side shave (I knew he'd be confident enough to do it), to an acoustic version of his latest single 'Think a Little Less', the fun interview with Jay Rush and I, being on his Snapchat, being on the bus before the show and watching him hang out afterwards with his fans, has won me over as a forever fan. It was one my most memorable experiences yet.

Let the pics and video explain it all. What a day to remember!



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