The Quad Cities are blessed with plenty of brewery options, and one more is coming to the area this weekend. Rock Island's Wake Brewing is holding their Grand Opening this Saturday at noon. According to the QC Times, brothers Justen and Jason Parris are opening the microbrewery together, after home brewing as a hobby for years.

On their Facebook page, the brewery is described as "Featuring daring ales that walk the high wire and appeal to the eyes as well as the palate, and immaculately composed classic styles where simplicity leaves nothing to hide behind, our creations challenge your conception of what beer should be..."

Um yeah, I can get behind beer that challenges what I think beer should be. Despite the abundance of microbrews in the area, I get the feeling that this place intends to set themselves apart from the pack. Plus, I'm always thrilled to see new businesses opening in the QC, and I think having the brewery in Rock Island fits perfectly with the downtown's hip vibe. I can't wait to check Wake out.

Wake Brewery is located at 2529 5th Ave in Rock Island.

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