A beloved national bakery will be opening up its doors in Davenport and now we know where and when.

Crumbl Cookies will open up near 53rd & Utica Ridge Rd near Bed, Bath & Beyond and Hy-Vee.

It's set to open at the end of April.

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Crumbl Cookies already has locations in Dubuque and in Cedar Rapids. I've heard about this opening up through the QC grapevine and chatter on social media, and now we know when and where you'll be able to get some Crumbl cookies. You can find applications to work at Crumbl Cookies on their website.

Crumbl Cookies began with two cousins in Utah in 2017 and has rapidly grown to over 300 bakeries in 36 states. Crumbl Cookies has a signature pink box for their cookies and they rotate out part of their menu every week with 4-5 specialty flavors. Some cookies (like their famous milk chocolate chip) are served warm, while others (like their classic pink sugar cookie) are served chilled.

Crumbl Cookies Facebook
Crumbl Cookies Facebook

(There's a Crumbl Cookies opening in my hometown this month too!)

If you need immediate snacks, Crumbl Cookies offers delivery. They also have pickup and catering services. According to their website, they also have ice cream by the half-pint.

Crumbl Cookies has 6 locations in Illinois, and soon to be 4 total in Iowa. If you're already sure you're going to try it, Crumbl Cookies has an app you can download. You'll also be able to order cookies on Crumbl Cookies' website.

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