QCA residents will have a new spot to grocery shop.

According to a news release, Fareway is finalizing plans to open up a new location. The store will be about 17,000 square feet, at the southeast corner of 1st Street and Route 6 in Coal Valley.

The store will offer a full-service butcher counter as well as carryout to your car, FastLanes self-checkout, and online shopping with curbside pickup.

Mayor Mike Bartels said in the news release:

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of Fareway to the Village of Coal Valley, marking a significant milestone in our community's journey. After six years of collaboration, we're delighted to welcome back a local grocery store, with Fareway as our ideal partner. Fareway's commitment and investment in Coal Valley are deeply appreciated, and we're confident this partnership will greatly benefit our residents. Beyond fulfilling our need for a grocery store, Fareway's presence has the potential to stimulate economic growth by generating jobs, supporting local businesses, and fostering further development in the area.

It's going to be a minute before Coal Valley residents can shop the new Fareway. The project is tentatively set for 2026.

The space that the Fareway is building on used to be part of the auto lot for Bastian's Auto Outlet, until a May 2021 fire according to WQAD.

The release from Fareway says that more details will be forthcoming. Fareway's QC metro locations include Davenport, Bettendorf, LeClaire, and Moline. On the Illinois side, Fareway has locations in Geneseo and Monmouth.

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