If you enjoy feeding ducks while out visiting Moline parks, I've got some bad news. The Parks and Rec Department wants to enact an ordinance that would both forbid people from feeding the waterfowl and also give them a hefty fine if they don't obey, according to WQAD.

The idea was on the docket for last night's committee meeting. If enacted, the ordinance could charge park-goers between $25-$750 for disobeying, plus court costs. No word on when the ordinance would go into effect.

So you may be wondering why, exactly, feeding ducks is such a bad idea? Most people feed the animals bread, which, according to National Geographic, is not healthy for them. Bread has next to no nutritional value for ducks, plus making them reliant on food from humans keeps the animals from learning how to forage for food themselves. High carb diets in ducks have even been known to cause wing deformities.

It may seem like you're doing the ducks a favor when you feed them, but in the long run, it's not helping the creatures, and it could even cost you money. The chance of having to pay $750 is not worth the risk.

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