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Tyra Banks Responds To Claim She 'Banned' Real Housewives From DWTS 

The Dancing With the Stars host responded to accusations that she banned any cast members of the Real Housewives franchise from competing on the show. According to Banks, the allegations are "completely untrue." We'll just have to see if any Housewives are cast in upcoming seasons! (via Daily Mail)

NASA Reveals First Female Astronaut To Go To the Moon in 2024

In 2024, NASA will send a group of astronauts to the moon to study the water they recently discovered and see if it is usable. The group of astronauts will include a woman, making her the first woman on the moon. (via TMZ)

Website Keeps People Updated on Status of Every McDonald's Ice Cream Machine 

McBroken.com allows people who want to order a sweet McFlurry to know whether their local McDonald's ice cream machine is working or not. Not all heroes wear capes! (via People)

Jordyn Woods Launches Mask Line 

Jordyn Woods—who once said "I don't need your situation" on Red Table Talk while addressing those infamous Tristan Thompson cheating rumors—just launched a face mask line... with that very same line across the front. (via Just Jared)

Survey Discovers the Most Iconic Halloween Movies 

A recent survey found that the top three most iconic Halloween movies are none other than Halloween, The Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. The same survey also found that the average person starts feeling stressed around 13 minutes into a horror movie. (via People)

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