He isn’t your average teacher. David Baxter shines strong in everything he does.

When I first met David Baxter, he had a professor in the audience, who flew in to grade one of the performances he’d worked on with the Pleasant Valley High School Choir.  Mr. Baxter was continuing his education and showing his students what is possible. And that is only the beginning.

Outside of his love of music and education, David Baxter is an even stronger man in the gym. After only a year of training, last month, he won the Anvil Strongman Competition in Cedar Rapids, IA. He will be headed to the U.S. Strongman National Competition on June 8, 2019 in Columbus, OH.

Once he returns from there, Baxter will hit the stage in Beauty and the Beast at Quad Cities Music Guild in Moline, on June 14, 2019.

The level of leadership, guidance and heart I have witnessed him pour into his choir students at PV High School is really extraordinary. It reminds me of my choir teacher, Mrs. Gail Holcomb. She had an immense influence in my life. I learned things from her that have stayed with me my entire adult life. I know his impact and influence is the same.

I am especially grateful to teachers who can not only tell a child they care, but show them by being genuinely and authentically invested. I see the same positive influence on choir students at Pleasant Valley High School and wonder if they truly realize what an incredible resource they have in Mr. Baxter. I hope they do.

His endeavors are inspiring. I wish him the best of luck.



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