The team at Coventry Direct wanted to know which cities are populated with younger individuals versus which cities are populated with older individuals - to do this they looked at Census data across the 50 major U.S. cities

Ames, IA was ranked at number 4 on the list of cities containing the most young people.

The other three were:

1.Provo, UT
2.Logan, UT
3.Manhattan, KS

The list shows that many Midwestern and Southern cities were home to many young residents, you can find that list here.

Midwestern colleges are also notorious party schools with the University of Iowa making it into the top 20 for the 2021 party list, and Iowa State sometimes achieving the same honor depending on the year. I think it's safe to say that there is a correlation between party schools and the number of young residents occupying the cities.

Another result from this test was that 11 Florida cities made the top 20 list, including four among the five cities with the oldest residents. So, the Florida stereotype seems to be true after all.

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