It was a beautiful kick-off today in the Quad Cities for the Freighthouse Farmer's Market in downtown Davenport.

From the food, to the families, to the pets, to the produce, my heart belongs at the Freighthouse Farmer's Market. I love the entire scene and so does everyone else who attends. Smiles are everywhere, families are happy, music is in the background and the smells of all the food make it impossible not to enjoy a bite or two while you're there.

Each year, I meet new vendors and see new food trucks. That makes me so happy because our local community of farmers and consumers are growing. I've been a long-time fan and supporter of farmer's markets because of the support of local and small businesses. It's support that consistently builds community relationships and helps our local economy. If we vote with our dollars, then why not make it count to your neighboring farmer. artist, artisan or restaurant?

Home is where the heart is and my heart is definitely at the farmer's market. I have the best time with my kids and see families thriving there. Kiddos are playing the equipment, older and younger generations are interacting and the only fool on their phone the whole time while they're there, was ME. I had to share the experience with you on our B100 Facebook page.

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