Two states and five counties were involved in an overnight car chase, which ended in right here, in the Quad Cities' own backyard.

It's rare when we get lengthy police chases in the QCA. This one reads like it was straight out of a movie, minus any additional violence, quite thankfully I might add. We've all had enough of that.

 According to, what started in Gulport, IL. (Henderson County) at a routine traffic stop shortly after midnight,, led into Warren, Mercer, Rock Island and eventually ending in Davenport, IA. (Scott County).

"The release also said the chase ended in Davenport and three individuals were taken into custody. TV-6 checked back in with the police department regarding those taken in. Davenport Police said they were brought in for questioning as part of the investigation but were not arrested.

Davenport Police said the investigation is still ongoing. "

Did you happen to hear or see the chase as it was passing through the Quad Cities? Let us know on our B100 Quad Cities Facebook page. It' a relief to know no one was seriously hurt during this pursuit.