When you order Mexican food, there are a few essential ingredients and sides you need to get. Chief among them: queso. But could your stomach handle more than 200 orders of queso?

Personally, my stomach does a weird little flip/cringe at the idea of that much cheese. (Unless we're talking about pizza. That's a much different story). But for Kyle Trotter of Davenport, doing exactly that paid off in a big way.

According to KWQC, Pancheros recently started tracking how often customers order queso across its nearly 70 locations nationwide. Trotter came in at the top of the list with a total of 235 queso orders over the course of 155 lunch visits to the restaurant since last October.

The next highest person on the list placed just eight fewer orders, coming in at 227. As a reward for Trotter's loyalty to queso, Pancheros has given him a queso cup and free queso for a year.

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