If you can this holiday season, try to brighten someone's day by paying it forward.

Last night (Sunday, December 15th) my fiance and I were at a local Quad Cities fast food restaurant that had their credit card reader down which means they were cash only. Walking into the restaurant, a nice young gentleman held the door open for us so we didn't even see the "Cash only!!" sign taped on the front door. As we ordered our food and get to the cashier, I pulled out my debit card to be told that they are accepting cash only.

Scrambling through her purse and me through my wallet, my fiance and I managed to come up with $13 in cash. The total was around $18 so we were only $5 short. My fiance and I are by no means in financial hardship but we were confused on what to do because the restaurant had no ATM, the kid working the counter had no idea where the closest ATM was and we all really didn't know what to do. In steps this lady who read the cash only sign to help us with the final $5 to pay for our meal. She was in the middle of ordering like 5 different meals and helping her young son order food and she was so generous she stepped in to help out with a friendly smile and a warm "merry Christmas and happy holidays."

We all can't pay it forward all the time, I understand that. But during this holiday season, a time of giving and being kind to one another, do your best to pay for someones coffee who is in line behind you, hold the door open for others, help people when they are in need, donate to a charity or non-profit organization, whatever you can do. Small acts of kindness really can mean the world to someone. It doesn't matter their financial situation or who they are, be kind and pay it forward if you can.

Have a very safe Christmas and holiday season and a happy new year from all of us at B100.

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