Christmas is this Monday and many people will be spending this weekend and Christmas with family and friends. Unfortunately, almost 1 million people in Illinois will be spending the holiday alone.

Work, Away From Home, & Not Celebrating

People spend Christmas alone for a variety of reasons, but if you know someone who will be alone this December 25th, reach out and invite them to spend the holiday with you. People don't celebrate Christmas because it's not part of their religion or other reasons. Some may be alone on Christmas because of work or they live in a place where there is no family and friends are out of town visiting their own families

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There are plenty of people in Illinois who would love the company. surveyed 4,000 single people to find out why people spend the holiday alone. They found that 19 million people are preparing to spend Christmas alone this year.

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Illinois Has The 5th Most People Spending Christmas Alone

To be exact, the online gaming website found that 985,797 Illinoisans will be spending Christmas 2023 alone. Four other states have more people who will be spending Christmas alone. Those states include:

  1. Florida (1,324,947)
  2. New York (1,375,464)
  3. Texas (1,614,328)
  4. California (2,344,461)

The top 5 states with the most people spending Christmas alone this year combine to be more than 7.6 million people alone.

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Oregon has the highest rate of solitary Christmas celebrants at 45% (533,786 adults). Tennessee has the lowest at 12% (approximately 238,000 individuals).

Whether you're spending Christmas alone or with people, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from us.

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