If you're a frequent Target shopper, you're in luck. Everyone's favorite big box store is making it easier to pay for your cart full of goodies (let's not pretend you're going to Target just to buy toothpaste). Target will soon offer a mobile payment system through one of their apps, meaning no more fumbling around for your credit card while you're trying to calm your screaming toddler at the cash register (maybe that's just me).

Like Apple Pay, the mobile payment option will work through a stored credit card, making it ideal for the scatterbrained shopper who forgets their wallet at home. Kohl's and Walmart both have similar options that have been successful. Initially, the app will only work for those who have a Target Red Card, but will eventually expand. Target has not yet announced when the mobile payment option will become available, but some time in 2017 seems like a sure bet. I know both Target Davenport and Target Moline customers would love the convenience of paying from their phones, myself included.

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