Before we get into this wild story I just want to say I don't mean to hate on TikTok for starting this trend. I have defended the app many times before. Sometimes though you have to call out the things you love.

Please note before you keep reading there are people peeing their pants in this post so watch at your own discretion.

TikTok has had some great trends in the past, but this one is just weird. The new trend that started last week is people peeing themselves. The catch is most of the videos have already been deleted. This is because after they were posted, they blow up, but this lead to negative attention. people made fun of those who peed their pants which then lead to the videos being taken down by the creators.

Some videos are still up though.

Like I said though most people on the app do not agree with these actions, and use the sound to call people out.

I think it's safe to say this trend will die very soon. Sadly I saw it when it was at its high. Many people old and young peed their pants on TikTok, and I am ashamed to know that.

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