It was the first festival like this ever in Cedar Rapids and B100 was there to cover Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5.

I cannot say enough about this festival. The vibe there was everything you hope for at a festival. From the art, activites and ambience, to the music every night. It was a great atmosphere for family, the art and activities were amazing and I even started telling some of the workers there about how great I thought it was and didn't realize I was also talking to the Mayor. That was classic and we all got a good laugh about it later.

Day 1: Kelly Clarkson

You could feel the excitement in the air. I pulled up in the B100 vehicle and everyone was bubbly, smiling and ecstatic with anticipation of seeing Kelly Clarkson. I saw plenty people in the crowd wearing her t-shirts. I heard people saying things like, 'I can't believe they got Kelly Clarkson to come to Cedar Rapids.' and 'We drove 900 miles to be here to see her.'

The ultimate throwback to the 90s, were The Wallflowers, who opened. Their award-winning song 'One Headlight' is still a great song to sing too. Admittedly, lead singer/songwriter Jakob Dylan, is starting to look more like his legendary father, Bob Dylan. I wasn't surprised but totally texted my Dad his picture. I knew he'd know exactly who he looked like.

I knew I'd end up crying at one point when she sang songs that carried me through different periods of my life. And I wasn't the only one. Kelly cried, too, when she sang 'Piece by Piece,' a song about her absent father growing up and her husband exceeding expectations of what she knew a man and father to be. After the song, Kelly said, 'I'm not crying. You're crying!'

Her no-nonsense, authentic  and funny personality shined just as brightly as her voice did on stage.

Day 2: Maroon 5

From the moment the gates were opened, there was a line down the street. It was so crammed packed and I saw ladies in heels so high, I wanted to fall over for them. Everyone was dressed to the nines and they were ready for a night of EDM with L.A.'s Robert DeLong and Maroon 5.

As close to front row as I could get, earplugs in our ears and feeling the bass pumping through our chests, Robert DeLong made me feel like I was at a legit rave, right in the heart of Cedar Rapids. Time flew by as he gave his all on that stage. I'd defintely go see him again.

The eager crowd kept piling in as we all waited for Maroon 5. They came out with a bang and ended with a ballad. The crowd sang along the entire time, every word, as Adam Levine belted out every single hit song, one right after another. It was one long set of no breaks, not a lot of talking, just everyone being mesmerized by all our favorites. It got really entertaining during the encore of 'She Will Be Loved.' As people were walking out, Adam started saying goodbye to them and calling them out for leaving during the encore.

No one in Iowa who attended will ever forget the first ever, blow-our-minds Newbo Evolve Festival. The artists were as equally amazing as they showcased their creations and helped interpret them for me. I love hearing their stories and inspirations. Is it next year already? I don't know that I'm done with wanting more from the Newbo Evolve Festival. I'm going back and I'm bringing you with me.

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