Working in radio and being a Dj, my hearing takes a beating daily. Sometimes I can't hear certain tones and ask people to repeat themselves.

blue happy air flying balloon isolated on white

According to a new study, popping balloons can damage your hearing.  And it can be louder than a shotgun blast.

"This research is a conversation starter," said Bill Hodgetts, an associate professor of audiology at the University of Alberta. "We are not saying don't play with balloons and don't have fun, just try to guard against popping them. Hearing loss is insidious--every loud noise that occurs has a potential lifelong impact. We want people to be mindful of hearing damage over a lifetime, because once you get to the back end of life, no hearing aid is as good as the once healthy built-in system in your inner ear."

So maybe think twice before you play that game where you sit on the balloon and see how many you can pop in 60 seconds. Imagine how a clown making balloon animals for your kids feels.

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